Established 1955

Upcoming Events

Timber Lake Days of 1910 Rodeo  July 30-31

Herried Rodeo July 29-30

Call-in Entry line hours from 10am-6pm MT ​​on Monday before rodeo 

ENTRY LINE PHONE 605-374-7754

2022 Rodeo Schedule 

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 Call in Entry Hours 

Call in entry line hours will now be from 10am-6pm MT on Mondays during the SDRA rodeo season. Internet entry will be from midnight on Thursday nights until 6pm MT on Mondays.  Call back hours will remain from 1pm-5pm on Tuesdays. Call in entries must be thru Midwest Rodeo Entries number 605-374-7754

2023-2024 Finals Location Selected 

The SDRA Board of Directors has selected Huron, SD as the site for the 2023 (October 13-15) and 2024 (October 11-13) SDRA Finals. 

The 2022 SDRA Finals will be held October 7-9, 2022 in Sioux Falls. 

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