2018 Rule Proposals received  by October 1, 2017 deadline

Proposals will be voted on at the November 19th General Meeting in Ft. Pierre at the Casey Tibbs Center at 3pm CST 

Submitted by Dan Pirrung
Rule 10-4  Propose to add "all mandatory events need to have a minimum of 5 entries to award all of the added money to place winners in that mandatory event".

Propose to "increase entry fee's for SDRA Finals from $200.00 to $300.00.

Submitted by ReAnn Crane
In the team roping and mixed team roping the steers must be 2 years or under with no carry overs.

Horn length must be the same as the PRCA rules state.

Submitted by Merretta Anderson
A contestant will be allowed to draw out without fine of any or all rodeos for a single weekend, if they do not receive their first preference for one of the rodeos. Entries must have been made in one entry and draw out must occur during call back hours thru central entry.

Late entry fines collected at rodeos by secretaries will be included in the 20% secretary commission for collecting fees.

 Submitted by Maureen Hollenbeck and Donna Green
It is the responsibility of the contestant to pick up their day money the day of the rodeo or it will be forfeited to the committee.

Rule 20-14 Change to, first offense will be minimum of $100 fine, second offense $200 fine.

Each rodeo judge will be mailed a rule book prior to the beginning of the rodeo season.

Submitted by Dave Marone
Any event that does not have 50% of required sponsorship money confirmed before bids are accepted for saddles and buckles, will not have year-end awards ordered for that event.