What if I have a High School or Little Britches Rodeo Card, do I need a SDRA card?


You can rodeo on your youth card (HS/LB/ 4-H) and not have to pay a permit fee at each rodeo. However, you will not be eligible for the SDRA finals in October or for any year end awards. 

If I am in high school and buy my card and don't win a rookie award can I still be eligible for it next year? 


Yes, as long as you are in high school and have not won a rookie award you are eligible. Once you graduate or win a rookie award you are no longer eligible for it. 

Can I buy my membership after I have won money at rodeo and have that money count in the standings? 


You can buy your membership at any time, however money earned prior to purchase of card WILL NOT count. Buy your card right away.  

Can I just enter a rodeo by calling the secretary or the SDRA phone number? 


No, you need to use the entry information guidelines. Midwest Rodeo Entries handles entries for the SDRA. Entries generally open online on Fridays and call ins on Mondays. The entry call in number is 605-374-7754. 

Do I have to be an SDRA Member to enter a rodeo?


No, however you will have to pay a $15 permit fee or be a member of the other co-sanctioning association.